Street Self Defense is about providing as realistic training environment as possible and help people understand the actuality of violence. Training for violence is unlike training for ring sport or competition, despite certain similarities in physical training, the psychological training and conditioning needed to face violence is the polar opposite of a sport combat mindset. The mindset needed to face violence and survive it OR in majority of the cases, preventing yourself from becoming a victim of violence or the perpetrator of violence beforehand, all while keeping the legal, moral, environmental, societal, psychological, physiological, financial and cultural repercussions in mind, is what the training at Street Self Defense is focused on. Hope you find the posts useful and helpful. It’d be great to hear from you, so please feel free to leave your comments on the posts, I’d really appreciate that!

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For more info- http://www.streetselfdefense.in

-Ashtad Rustomji.

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