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Multiple Opponents: can you fight them simultaneously? ofcourse not!

Today i’m going to talk about multiple opponents and what to do if you get in such a situation.

As they say there’s strength in numbers, well that is completely true when it comes to fighting multiple opponents.

See there are many people who claim to teach you to “fight” multiple opponents and along with those promises you’ll see them in their demos doing the same. Then of course there’s always the movies that make you think it’s possible.
If i haven’t already said it, i’ll say it again, movie fights, demos and even most of the instructional videos you see are not real fights, they’re choreographed movements and that’s completely different than being in an actual fight.

Now, there is an exception to fighting multiple opponents, here, size matters, the bigger you are the more difficult it will be for them to put you down, but again, if the number of opponents is high enough, then the biggest of guys can go down.

The thing about multiple opponents is you never know how many there are, where they are and when they’ll show up and that’s why you never fight multiple opponents, you escape a multiple threats scenario.

Many people that i’ve come across till now have asked me the same set of questions and this one was always included in that set: How can i take on 3-4 opponents at the same time?” -The answer is, YOU CAN’T! no one can, not unless the individual has a gun, even then it’s going to be extremely difficult in that panicky situation to pull out the gun, aim, and shoot all 3-4 people, at least 2 of the 4 will reach you, try to take the gun from you and will succeed too, then you’re a dead man.

You can never know exactly what will happen in a situation like this and how it will play out, you cannot play out every possible and probable scenario there is in your training, you just can’t do that, there’s a million things that can happen and a billion things to take into account for each scenario, anyone would go crazy thinking all of that.

What you can do is follow a set of principles and a short but realistic set of techniques about 5-6 not more, maybe even less, that can be applied to just about anything.

Remember, the more choices you have the more time it’ll take for you to choose and execute your choice, and you can’t afford to lose precious time in those situations.

I’ll say it again, never try to fight multiple opponents, if you do, you’ll fail miserably and it’ll be the last, fatal mistake of your life, you escape multiple opponents.

So next time you train, try some strategies out on how to escape multiple opponents, rather than fight them, try hurting them enough to clear your way and get out. Also, get your cardio up fast. If you tire out after escaping, your attackers can catch up to you and this time there won’t be any escape and you’ll have enraged attackers who want your head on a platter. Why? Because you just hit them dude! Remember?
That’s why physical fitness is necessary to include in your training.

That’s it for today.

Thanks for reading.