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What’s the most important thing you need in a fight?

There are many things, many factors to consider when it comes to a street fight, like for example, the possibility of multiple opponents or whether the opponent is carrying one or more weapon/s or his height, size/weight, the terrain you’re in, as in wet slippery ground, or ground covered in debris, or as i stated in my previous post, unhygienic, disease covered ground, also traffic, and many more things too.

Now as for my topic on what’s the most important thing to have in a fight? well, there are many answers,
5-Presence of mind.
6-Calm, Clear Mind.
7-Techniques and Principles.

..and the list goes on..

But along with these things, the most important are three things, 1-Perfect Violent Intent 2-Psychological and Physical Training 3-Preparation.

Now, what is a Violent Intent? lets break it up, shall we?
Violent- Using physical force to hurt, damage or kill someone or something.
Intent- Aim, Intention or Purpose.

Now, why did i say you need to have a Violent Intent?

It’s because your attacker has the same thing, he has an indiscriminate violent intent, and he’s going to use it to scare, intimidate, hurt or even kill you or anyone to get whatever he wants from you, and to protect yourself, you’re going to have to do the same, its the way that you’re going to use it, that’ll differ from him.

Unlike him, you should be able to turn it on and off whenever you want/need it to, in your life you can be the most kind and caring person, but when it comes to fighting, you should be the most cruel, brutal and violent person you can be and do everything necessary when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones, don’t spare anything in protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Now we all know what i mean by physical training, it contains physical fitness, capabilities and capacity and fighting skills and abilities.

What do i mean by psychological training and preparation?

Well, psych training is important in real and sport fighting training, but both mentalities differ from each other greatly.

Sport mentality also can be seen two ways, i.e in competition sport fighting, like karate tournaments and MMA(cage fight, especially the modern MMA). They’re not that different but not exactly the same either.

Anyways both have the mentality of scoring points basically and winning, MMA is more full contact than other tournaments you see and more injuries occur, like in sport boxing, but sometimes even more as they use all of the 8 human weapons, including grappling and not just punches.

See, sport competitors have just one thing to worry about, as in, just their one opponent, they don’t have to worry about multiple opponents, weapons, different terrains, and their opponent is not trying to kill them, he just wants to win, either by K.O or Submission.

Their mentality is more focused on winning than surviving, but in a real fight you can’t focus on winning, there’s only surviving, without it, there is no winning.

There is no winning in a street fight, because it’s highly unpredictable and you never know what, where, who or when you might face a life threatening assault.

In a ring you know who and where your opponent is, when the fight is, not to mention you have preparation time for the fight, in a real situation you will not see your opponent until he’s right in front of you or worse, behind you, ready to attack, it’s sudden, swift, fast and it quickly ends, unlike sport fights which last till 30-40+ minutes, a real fight is no more than 10-20 seconds at max, everything happens simultaneously and almost instantaneously, and you won’t have any prep time for it either, you’ll just have your gross motor skills, if you trained them constantly that is, as all your fine motor skills will be forgotten and fly out the window in that panic filled, violent situation.

As i said, in any real fight, Surviving is Winning, and to survive, you need to prepare yourself not just physically but mentally too, not with sport mentality, but a truly alert, aware, prepared and a violent mentality, a street fighter’s mentality, a criminal’s mentality, but with complete control over it.

How do you train for it? you train for it in 2 ways;

1- By actually training in things that occur in real situations.
2- By actually getting into these type of situations on a regular basis and get yourself used to them.

I don’t recommend the 2nd option for civilians though, unless your job requires that sort of thing, for eg: A Law Enforcement Official, or Military personnel, or a Bouncer, Bodyguard, etc.

So to review, along with the things i mentioned the most important things you need are:
1- Perfect Violent Intent.
2- Psychological and Physical Training.
3- Preparation(which comes with the training and experience/s).

That’s about it today.

I’ll be posting on more topics in the future and even go into more details on different subjects.

Thanks for reading.