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Do they matter?

Do you think, age, height, size, speed, strength matter? Or do you think it’s just your overall skills and mostly your intent that really matters?

Well, i’ll just let his actions speak louder than my words.

Did you see what happened there? Such a brave little man he is. i’m sure his parents are proud of him.
The thing is, in majority of cases like the above, who you are matters more than how physically trained and what rank/belt you are.
Many would say, what this kid did was risky, dangerous, etc. etc. but what if he hadn’t done what he did? Don’t you think the outcome could’ve been much worse? Maybe the robber would’ve shot both of them. You can clearly see the robber isn’t an experienced one, his mind must be in a state of panic, and the combination of gun in panicked hands just doesn’t set well with each other.

There are different types of violence, and there are different types of suitable actions and reactions for them, here’s the thing though, no one can possibly train in each and every one of them, why? Because there are virtually infinite possibilities.

The most common thing between all those situations is the intent, the one who has the perfect intent, increases their chances of survival. The psychological aspect of the situation determines the survivor. The best thing to do is choose a few handful of effective physical methods that apply to the maximum number of situations, so you don’t waste time thinking and focus more on having a perfect intent, so you can put those methods to good use.

Now in the above video, you see, he didn’t apply any “technique”, no, what he did was use common sense, he got the weapon away from him and just started striking, it wasn’t on any specific target, why? Because there wasn’t enough time to stand there to think and choose his target. He hit what was in front of him, which disoriented that already panicked idiot, he was surprised, and that gave the other guy enough time to come around and help the little man. The robber ran like the coward and a failure that he is, all because of that boy’s on the spot instinctive actions, not reactions or thoughts, but actions.

Back to the topic.
As you saw the attacker was… lets say… umm.. superior? to the boy… or was he? No, he wasn’t, he was taller, maybe stronger, but definitely not superior, why? Because he lacked the necessary things, three of them being, courage, will and a perfect intent, not to mention the presence of mind, which the boy has here, wouldn’t you say?

That’s it for today.
Thanks for reading.