Surf the net without targeted ads

So, if you’re not already aware, google and facebook and youtube show you ads based on your search history.


Internet is still a place where we have relative freedom of what we can do. That freedom is being monetized now, we, the users, are the most useful commodity for the corporations. But we have options that give us a way around these things.
Here’s how:

-Never search for anything while you’re logged into your gmail, youtube and facebook accounts.

-Delete your browser history every few seconds or after every one/two searches.

-Use a dynamic IP.

-Use proxy.

-Use ad blocker/s.

-Avoid staying connected and logged in on your phone 24/7. Connect only if you need to surf.
Ads will still be shown, but not specific to you. With a proxy and an ad blocker, virtually zero ads.

Applying these steps will minimize targeted ads and majority of general ads. Although just be advised that many websites are able to stay afloat due to their ad revenues, they are often the ones that deliver good content due to not having a particular sponsor who would interfere with the content’s integrity.

Remember, No ads, no money, no quality content. So for the good websites that offer quality content, please try disabling the ad blocker and white-list them if you’re a frequent visitor. Just surf the site without logging into any accounts.
That’s it. Hope you found this useful. Thanks for reading.