Monthly Archives: August 2015


In today’s society most of us are living in fear, we are forced to live in fear, whether it’s fear of a natural disaster or of terrorism or domestic crimes or even our own government.

But some of us don’t like living in fear of those things, so rather than create helpful solutions and prevention measures for our protection, we make up our own little ideas of what society is like and idealistic thoughts of how we would like it to be. That little condition is called; Denial.

It is common for an average individual to live in denial, it helps them cope with the difficulties of life by not facing or acknowledging them at all. What most don’t realize though is that fear is what helps you survive, fear is what helps you adapt, fear is what helps you evolve and protect yourself from the dangers around you. Fear is healthy (Read Gavin DeBecker’s Gift of Fear).

The more you deny yourself to acknowledge the reality of things, the less your chances of creating solutions to prevent the problems from happening in the first place. Many individuals look for a cure after the damage has been done. This leads to nothing, no new solutions, no new ways to stop the damage from happening, it only leads to more fear, which leads to paranoia which leads to more failures in keeping our society safe, which leads to certain individuals capitalizing on the fear of the people and exploit that fear for their own profit, they claim to provide solutions, but in actuality they will just instill more fear into the people who buy what they sell.

The most important thing to do for us is to stop looking for ways to hide the reality of violence, stop trying to find ways to “fix” the damage, stop creating paranoia in people’s minds, stop creating “solutions” to the problems that don’t exist and start forming effective methods to prevent the damage from happening altogether, turn that fear into a true self-protective weapon, not into paranoia. Stop living in denial, step into the reality, look at the signs and prevent the violence from occurring.