What would you do if someone tries to kick you in the face?

I get asked questions like the one in the title quite frequently. My reply usually is just a one word question, “Why?” I either get a blank stare in return or something like, “What do you mean “why?” Usually most just assume that someone will randomly try to kick them in their face without any reason or initiation and they want me to give them some magical technique that will toss their “kicking assassin/s” in mid air and send them to kingdom come.


Well, maybe in a comic book that would be possible because I’d be a super cool super powered anti-hero that kicks ass and takes numbers left and right. But alas, this is reality in which I’m but a mere 5ft 10 inch – 166 lbs homo-sapien. All I can do is be realistic and form a solution that will prevent me beforehand from getting punched in the face or from getting stabbed in the face or worst case, get acid thrown at me, you know, actual stuff that happens, not without initiation out of nowhere, but as a result of the chain events taking place before it happens.
Anyone who has actually been in a fight and/or has been training properly, knows that there is no magical technique that will make them super invincible and immortal no matter what they train and however long they train for.


Anyway, back to the question. The thing is, most people tend to imagine, (keyword imagine, I.e. a story they tell themselves, not what actually happens), they tend to imagine that a fight is going to breakout like a flash mob in the middle of the street where people will be flying at them wanting to beat the living daylights out of them.
What they don’t realize is that there is a huge window of opportunity majority of the times where they can just avoid everything and prevent it from happening by escaping/running away, walking away or just deescalate and talking their way out of it, if they have good communication skills and know proper conflict management.


There is no need to imagine stuff like “What if he does this or that?” All you need to know is what you’re gonna do and how efficiently are you gonna do it. Unless, you can read minds, then you can worry about what the other guy is gonna do or even then, you can just escape, since you know what he‘s thinking. See? So easy.


So you know, my point, stop asking for (unrealistic) solutions to the (fictional) problems that do not exist and/or exist only in your imagination and start training practically and I can‘t stress that point enough, that is the reason I always try and include it in almost all of my posts. Fighting is the last resort, prevention is always the primary objective. You should train physical techniques, but you cannot have the mindset in which physical combat is your primary option, at least as a civilian it is. For those who face violence as a part of their job, have different priorities.


Oh and just one more thing, for the ones whose egos tower above earth, remember, no matter how much you train, you’re still human, you still bleed, don’t think that just because you train a lot you are invincible and can go around picking fights, many have that illusion, which is destroyed as soon as they come across the wrong guy at the wrong time and place. Stay humble and be responsible with what you train or you‘d just be another thug.


Well, alright, that’s it for this post then. Thank you for reading.


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