The Unique, The Average and The Outcast.

‘Be a voice, not an echo’ – Albert Einstein.

In this world, we all play our parts, we all have our purpose, even those that think they don’t have one, do have a purpose, it’s just a matter of time. There are different people with different mindsets and different goals. There are those who stand alone, then there are those who follow, but there exist a few who lead.

I prefer to categorize these three types of individuals as;

The ‘Outcasts’ are usually the ones who don’t follow social norms, the law breakers, the ones who don’t fit in anywhere in groups, either ostracized due to their thinking or are isolated by their own choice. These are the ones who are removed from the society, even though not all of the ‘Outcasts‘ are criminals, they are still viewed by the society as “odd” and “weird“. They have the potential to be great, to be ‘Unique’, but they squander that potential by not acting on it, acting upon their ideas, some willingly don‘t and some just don‘t have the means to bring their ideas to fruition, and ideas without action are just dreams and fantasies.

The ‘Average’ are the ones who just follow one another, they lack the capability to create their own paths, so they follow a path that’s made by others, they follow each other or someone they see as superior to them, they follow the set rules about things, like get an education that everyone is getting, get a job that everyone gets, get married like everyone does, have kids like everyone has, so on and so on. Average individuals are content in their lives where they don’t want to or have to achieve something more than they have. They need security in their lives and taking risks is never on their agenda.

Then finally, there are the few rare individuals, The ‘Unique’ ones, these are the ones that change the world with their actions, these are the ones who always aim for something high and make an impact on everyone, an impact that leaves their mark on the society, no matter how big or small, their actions influence people, their actions inspire people, it doesn‘t matter how many people they inspire, the impact can be as huge as global or it can be as small as just in their own society, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that the impact is positive, which enables others to achieve their goals and possibly be unique themselves. The ‘Unique’ individuals also have the similar traits to the ‘Outcasts’, they don’t follow social norms, they don’t blindly follow others, no, the ‘Unique’ individuals are leaders, they lead, they create, they inspire. They don’t just dream, they don‘t just have ideas, they act on them too, which makes those ideas into a reality. Unique individuals not only take risks, but they make smart choices while taking those risks. The risks they take brings them face-to-face with failure often more than once, but through their persistence, they move forward and lead.

But like I said in the beginning of this article, we all play our parts in life and the types of individuals above need to exist for our society to function. If everyone was an Outcast, no one would be, if everyone was Unique, no one would be and if everyone was average, then there would be no inspiration in our society to do something to take us to another level, all of the individuals who were and are Unique, who make a difference, without their existence, without their innovative thinking, we might still be in the dark ages of our history. Even the Outcasts teach us what not to do in life, we can learn so much from their mistakes, so even their existence is crucial for others to understand their own purpose in life and their own place in the society.

Whatever you’ll be, will be due to the choices you make and the thoughts you think.
I’m doing my best and then some to be Unique, to make a positive impact on this world, what about you? Ask yourself, which one are you? Do you lead, follow or just stay put?

That’s it. Thank you for reading.


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