Are you teaching? Or Running a business?

When we first start our Martial Arts training or when we attend our first self-defense session, those who are dedicated to the training, start with a particular goal in mind, whether it’s self-improvement or to learn more about the art or the subject they’re training in, or to achieve a certain set of physical and psychological skills, not many start out with the idea of wanting to become a teacher or an instructor in what they train in, but overtime as their dedication to their training grows stronger and the deeper they understand what they’re taught, some develop a desire to share what they learned over the course of their training.

So begins the journey of a student, as a teacher. The instructor now start to guide those who are new and are looking for someone to help them achieve their goals. When a student chooses to train under someone, they put their trust in the instructor to help them train in the most effective way to accomplish what they aim to.

A new instructor starts out with a desire to share what they learned over the years, to spread the knowledge and make a positive difference in the lives of people they teach. They offer the best quality of knowledge and they make sure that the student grasps what they’ve been taught not just in width, but in depth. In short, they care about getting results they promise.

Now, while there are many instructors who maintain that kind of great and effective quality of training, some lose the sight of what it means to be a teacher. They forget what they set out to do, their principles are corrupted and are clouded by greed for money and fame.

Many define their success by how many students they have and how much money they make in an hour, but the true success of a teacher isn’t measured by those things, it’s measured by their teachings, it’s measured by how positive of a difference they make in their student’s lives.

You can have one student and guide them in the proper direction and put all your heart and soul into their training and see the visible results in them or you can have thousands of clients all over the world who pay you millions for ineffective low quality material packaged in an attractive box, without any positive difference.
The more successful teacher out of the two, for me would be the former. The latter is just a more successful businessman. You can teach a handful of people in a public park and still help them achieve their goals, as long as you’re honest towards yourself, your students and in your training. That, for me, is true success.

On a side note, an important thing to remember for anyone who wants to teach. An instructor should always be a student first. Without always evolving and learning new things yourself, you won’t be able to help anyone else either.

That’s it. Thank you for reading.


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