Be-lie-f – The ultimate flaw within ourselves.

What I’m about to write will offend a lot of people, so if you’re one of those, please do not read any further.
I have never written a post that goes off-topic from self-protection and fitness, but today, something just sparked inside me after reading some books and researching some events and incidents. I started typing my analysis and thoughts in wordpad and this is what came out.
The things in this article are exceptionally harsh. Please, do not read further if you don’t prefer reading harsh realities of human nature.

You see, I’ve noticed that the fundamental flaw in mankind is our inability to accept the differences between others and oneself. The lack of open judgement and the problem of being egocentric. We force and demand, we indoctrinate and invade, just to practice what we believe is right. Somewhere along the lines, we’ve deformed ourselves into something much sinister: A self-worshiping species who thinks what we are doing what is right. When we force someone to change, they might submit or they might not. They’ll hate us for trying to change them and we’ll hate them for trying to change us.

That is the fundamental flaw, that is the root of all conflicts between mankind. The human ability that is called “belief” has been around for thousands of years. It allows us to practice what we believe is correct and for us to have our boundaries to what is right and what is wrong. We pursue what we desire and what we feel is right. But through it all, overtime, we’ve misused our beliefs.
We started to strive to force what we insist is correct on others by indoctrination, war, murder, and other perverse methods in the name of our beliefs. But humans will be humans as we are all obdurate creatures who want to change others, but refuse to change ourselves.

We refuse to accept that 1+1=2 is correct, and that 10-8=2 is also correct just because your mum or dad or friend or teacher said so, and that they each have adopted the very same belief they are propagating from somewhere else. We refuse to believe that anything that is out of the ordinary is wrong, and that everyone else is non-deserving except ourselves while indulging in hypocrisy. This flaw is global in mankind, it applies to all religions, all races, all cultures even and not just one in particular. This flaw may manifest as a positive intention, but in reality, we are all unaware that we are just wolves in sheep’s clothing.

We are just all self-conceited, narcissistic creatures who believe we are the most deserving, holy, proper beings without realizing the sad truth that is we are the exact opposite of that.
We all grew up being taught that to be a good person, you have to practice a certain set of things. We were taught that our belief is the one true belief that follows the one true law and order, and then we try to make another person practice our beliefs to “save” them, and they will think that their belief is the one true belief and ours is a false belief and at the same time they will try to “save” us. We will hate them when they deny our beliefs, and they will hate us when we deny theirs.

We like to find excuses to force our doctrine on others using religion, politics, moral beliefs, culture and even love. We like to segregate ourselves from others because we feel uncomfortable around them, in that our beliefs are supreme and everything and anything else is inferior and incorrect, not knowing and/or acknowledging that they feel the exact same thing when they’re around us.

You can try to “save” others from taking a step towards what is “wrong” by force, but don’t forget, that for every step you make someone take into your world of right and wrong, you are moving a step forward towards theirs. They will hate you for it, and you will hate them for it. There is no right or wrong. No proper or improper way of living. No one true law that we all must follow because we each have our own beliefs.

You can say that all we have to do is be open-minded and be accepting to fix this problem in our world, but you cannot deny the fact that what you consider as open-minded and accepting may not be shared as a common thought with another person.
Beliefs are not based in logic or facts or rational thoughts or deductive reasoning, they’re based in idealistic thinking, emotions and personal bias. The only truth that you find in one’s beliefs, is the believer’s own or what was ingrained into them from childhood.

It’s universal, there is no solution to this. I am invading your beliefs if you disagree with my opinion because you have your own beliefs of what is right and wrong. And you are invading mine when you say this is “blasphemy” and abuse, because I have my own beliefs of what is right and wrong.

The world we call home, is in conflict because we have created impasses by ourselves with ourselves. Without this “belief”, we will not be humans. And this– Is the ultimate flaw of mankind. We are the flaw within ourselves.

Mind you, this article is mainly focused on those majority who try and force their beliefs on others, despite their unwillingness to accept them and not on the few who live and let live.

Did you know that confirmation bias is a side effect of our beliefs? The stronger they are, the less we are willing to accept anything that says otherwise. We are biased to our own pre-programmed beliefs, we are slaves to them and unless and until we are willing to keep our minds open and not let our bias and our emotions get the better of us and not let a cocktail of chemicals in our brain dictate our behavior, unless we let something else in, something that’s other than our own beliefs, something that conflicts with them, something that challenges them, points out the flaws in them, unless we keep our minds open to more than just what we think is “right” and unless we learn to see things from the perspective of those who we condemn, we will never truly accept each other and therefore, are doomed to fail as a species.

That is it.
I do Thank you for reading my rant. If you didn’t, that’s fine too.


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