Misconceptions about Martial Arts and Self Defense

First, let me start off with this; What does the term ‘Martial Arts’ mean?
For those who aren’t familiar, ‘Martial’ means ‘War’, the term ‘Martial Art’ means the ‘Art of War’.
Martial Arts at one time, were meant to be used for violence, for combat, for wars, not for entertainment or enjoyment or hobbies. But with the invention of new weapons like firearms and other advanced weapons, Martial Arts have become obsolete as far as wars are concerned. Most of the soldiers in combat never even get into situations that require them to use H2H methods. But still many Martial Art schools promote their style/s as a “military method”.

This particular subject is filled with so much confusion and twists, it’s like a tangled up rubber-band ball stuck together with superglue.
With movies making people think that they can do impossible things and with mcdojo’s and money hungry instructors capitalizing on the gullibility of the masses and selling “effective street programs”, there is not much left that can be called Martial Arts. From “children’s self defense” to “fitness for martial arts” and other recreational programs, there’s not much of the “Martial” part left in Martial Arts today.

I would prefer not to go into much details about this as those who do speak out, often face a huge backlash from the MA community due to is tribal nature. So I’ll stop and make this short.

Now as far as self-defense is concerned, there’s a whole mess of things that need to be addressed. One of them being that Street Fighting and Self Defense are not one and the same thing; Here’s why.

Start questioning these things, research more on these subjects, then you’ll see for yourself how you’ve been conned into believing the “reality” that doesn’t exist over the actuality that does.

Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for reading.


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