Weapon or weapon wielder, who’s more dangerous?

This post will be regarding a weapon wielding opponent, as the title says.

The thing you should know first, is you can use just about anything as a weapon, from car keys, to a scarf/shirt(mostly can be used defensively, as a distraction), from a beer bottle to a wall, shoes, a pen, a magazine, hell even the laptop that i’m using to write this blog post, of course, it will damage my laptop severely, but that doesn’t mean i won’t use it if there is no other way for me to survive.

Anyway back to the topic, who’s more dangerous? the weapon or the wielder?
Many people that i have talked to regarding this topic asked me the same question. And i asked the same question to many different people.
The answer, some said the weapon, some said the wielder, some even said both equally, and yeah, i agree with the last one as I personally think both are equally dangerous, they’re incomplete without each other(hello captain obvious!)

So, why this long post if i already got the answer and gave it to you in the first few lines? See, the thing is, it wasn’t the answers that were wrong, they were correct depending on different perspectives and the questions asked.

It was the question itself that was wrong. You see, you have to ask the right questions to know the right answers.

The question should’ve been “What should you pay more attention to in a fight involving one or more weapons, is it the wielder or the weapon?”

People who have been in even the mildest of fights know it is impossible to maintain a 100% focus on anything because of the constant state of panic in your mind and all the adrenaline rushing through your body, so if you’re able to put in even half the focus, which by the way is at max that you would be able to manage in a panicky situation, what would you focus on? Is it the weapon? Or Tthe weapon wielder?

If you just have one option, that would be the weapon wielder, it doesn’t mean you won’t be paying attention to the weapon itself, no, you’ll be aware and alert of the weapon’s position, but your target, the main focus of your attention, should not be the on weapon and by that i mean focusing completely on disarming the opponent.

No, it should be on the opponent wielding it, your main focus should be on Securing, Deflecting and Keeping the weapon away from you and at the same time attacking the opponent continuously, instead of worrying about and wasting time on a disarm that might have worked in a training class session with a compliant partner.

That same disarm isn’t going to work with an aggressive opponent coming at you with full speed and power, from every direction with an edged weapon or any other type of weapon and with a full violent intent to hurt/kill you.

If you keep trying to disarm the guy and expect that he will just wait there for you to execute your perfect disarm and that it’ll all be clean cut like in your training session and you’ll be walking out of it without a scratch, well, then you’re in for a rude awakening my friend.

The reality is far from it, reality is, he will keep striking you, keep trying to strike/stab/slash/cut you with the weapon, and will not let go of the weapon that easily, he will just pull and push you around in the process injuring you, until you let go, as he doesn’t want to lose the weapon, and now that you’re both focusing on the weapon it’s a power fight, a strength contest type of thing, where in both of you want the weapon and try to muscle in and take it from each other.

But what if he’s stronger? Has a weight advantage? You can’t win against that.

But now, look at it this way, if he’s focusing on the weapon, his other defenses are open for you to take advantage of and while he’s trying for a weapon retention, you can just keep control of the weapon securing it and striking his exposed areas continuously, he can’t retain the weapon and counter strike at the same time while you’re striking him non-stop everywhere on his body, you see, when you fight back, his adrenaline and panic meter goes up as well, he starts thinking, fearing, and his anger, his intent and his thinking is clouded due to that fear and panic, and that leads him to make one or more mistake/s like, either letting go of the weapon or exposing one of his weaknesses, giving you the upper hand.

Of course, if you keep focusing on disarming or grappling and joint locking technique/s or takedown/s and even make one mistake and/or slip and lose the control, this time he will just come at you, with double the force, that is truly the mentality of an extremely violent person, you take him down, he will get up with a grudge and come at you even harder, don’t think that he’s scared of you, if he was, he wouldn’t have attacked you in the first place, and if he’s stronger than you, which he probably is, since that’s the reason he chose you as his victim, because you appeared weak to him and therefore allowing him to think that you’ll be an easy mark for him, he definitely will succeed in finishing what he aimed to accomplish, but only if you let him, by not doing anything to stop him.

Striking continuously is the most effective way to distort him and put panic and fear in him, don’t give him space, and/or an opening for him to attack you, never let him have the upper hand if you want to survive, and don’t forget to;

Secure, not disarm, but Secure the weapon first.

If the weapon is disarmed during striking, then keep the opponent as far away from the weapon as possible,  kick it out of the way or push the opponent farther by striking and pushing.

Don’t try an pick up the weapon, as you’ll lose control of your opponent, and all your hard work and risk will be for nothing if he gets lose and gains the upper hand and the weapon too.

It also depends on the situation, if you have more than enough distance between you and your opponent, but are really close to the weapon, you can pick it up for your safety.

But remember, he can and will close that distance within a blink of an eye, and then another circle of weapon retention and power struggle will start and you don’t want that.
You’re exhausted after the first attack, and so the best option is to create distance and run.

Cardio is very important, i’ll be mentioning this particular point in my future posts too.

Another thing is that, unless you live in or near such neighborhoods, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll find such a violent person.

But hey, life is unpredictable, and there are quite a lot of psychos out there today, it’s a dangerous world, you never know when you might run into one.

So it’s better to be prepared and to know exactly what to expect and the possibilities of what might happen, and know what a truly violent opponent is capable of, and what you’re capable of when it comes to survival.

I’m not trying to scare you here, it’s just the truth, just a little part of the hugely sad, messy, cruel and brutal reality of what happens in those situations.

If you don’t like to read it then it’s fine, you’re free to leave obviously, but if you do think that this is something you’d like to know more about and would like to be prepared and train for such situations, just contact me on jeetkunedo_in@yahoo.com or visit my site http://www.streetselfdefense.in/

That’s about it for today, i’ll be posting more topics.

Thanks for reading.


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